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Our first contortion ambassador, Summer Sunshine

We have some exciting things on the horizon at Pose Freestyle HQ! One being our first tastes of the fascinating world of contortion.

I'll start by telling you a little about our first contortion ambassador, Summer Edmondson. We first met her a few years ago. I remember sitting at a stall at a dance competition and the most beautiful little girl with a beaming smile came straight over to me and said hello and gave me a hug. I had no idea who she was but from then on I made a little friend for life. Every time I saw her, she would come over for a chat. We watched her talent for freestyle and slow dance grow and grow, then in August 2018 we decided to add Summer to our sponsor family as one of our first slow sponsors.

Summer actually started dance at the age of 6 focusing on latin and ballroom, moving onto freestyle and slow dance by age 8. She was never naturally flexible, unlike most contortionists, she has had to work incredibly hard to be as flexible as she is.

During lockdown she started watching a lot of contortion videos on YouTube. In June 2020 she tried her first contortion class and has made substantial progress since then on her flexibility, working with one of the UK's top contortionists, Pixie Le Knott. Pixie herself, has appeared on many films and TV shows, including, Game of Thrones. She nows train 5-6 days per week.

Summers dream is to progress onto a career in performance, TV and film. To give her the best chance to achieve her dreams she has decided to hang up her dancing shoes so that she can focus 100% on her new passion. Every contortion act is unique to the performer and their individual strengths and rather than compete, they have the opportunity to show their talent at shows.

We look forward to following and supporting her on this exciting new journey. We know she will be a huge success as she is one of the most dedicated, hard working children we know.

Follow her on instagram @contortion_summer to see her progress.

Photo Credits - Peter Vagvolgyi Photography -

Lisa Swindells, Bumps, Births and Beyond Photography

Keiron Edmondson (Dad)

Trained by Pixie Le Knott -

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