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Our 20 inch long human hair ponytails are back by popular demand! Even thicker and better quality! 150g thick Human Hair, attached onto a wide elastic band.


Our ponytails are renowned in the freestyle world for being the most secure. Once correctly tied into your dancers hair, they do not budge!


They can be treated like your own hair, washed, styled and even coloured. They last many years if looked after.

Please note - this product is made to order and as such no refunds or exchanges will be permitted.

20 inch 100% Human Hair Ponytails

  • Tie your own hair into a secure ponytail. 


    Tie the human hair ponytail over the top using the wide elastic as a bobble. make this as tight as possible.


    Split the natural hair into two chunks and wrap this around the base of the ponytail with each piece wrapped in the opposite direction. ie, one clockwise, one anticlockwise.


    Using a stretchy adhesive bandage, such as equine wrap. Tightly wrap this around the base of the pony tail, covering all of the natural hair.

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